We are an inter-disciplinary group of professionals –psychologists, veterinarians, archaeologists, biologists and filmmakers– who have gathered to know and protect the carnivores and other wild animals of central and south-central Chile. We believe in research, applied management, education and work with people and authorities. Academically, we are a project within the Wildlife Habitat And Population Analysis Lab, at the Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation, Virginia Tech. Financially, we are fully independent: we do not receive funding from, Universities, governments, or companies; we found our work through donations from people like you, the research and conservation grants we have awarded and self-managed resources.


Protect the carnivore mammals –and all the biological diversity depending on them– by the menas of scientific research, wildlife management, human-wildlife conflicts mitigation and environmental education.


That wildlife and people can coexist harmoniously in the landscape and future generations can know and appreciate our biodiversity.


- Generate top-level scientific knowledge to inform management actions to be conducted by private parties, government and local authorities.

- Propose and implement science-based, realistic and effective management measures to protect wildlife and promote coexistence between human activities and nature conservation.

- Educate children, youth and adults about the importance of biodiversity conservation and practical management strategies for coexistence with wildlife.